Mar 8, 2015

A Roller Blind Kind of Love

I love home decorating ideas and I had few during the last two years, but I haven't done much of them. Shame on me, I know...

My place has two small arched windows and I half-covered only one of them. On the upper part of it I put a flowered window film and the result was great. The other arched window, though, I left it the way it is....

I had an idea to decorate the wall around the mirror in the vestibule with toilet paper rolls. I made a fish and a see grass, and... I didn't finish it.

As a very stubborn person, I had another idea - to make a small painting on my roller blind (yes, there's only one blind in my place, and it's not a big one). Well, after two years I finally made it happen! The result had nothing to do with any of my initial plans - no flowers, no cacti, but I felt in love with it ^_^

I painted a little owl on a tree. I know - it's not a sphynx cat, but since I have a puzzle on my wall that represents a colourful painting of an owl and there's also a wooden owl figure in my kitchen, I decided that the room was too owlish to change the pattern. (I must admit that part of my decorating ideas was the owl puzzle on the kitchen wall...But the box with the puzzle for the bedroom is not even open!...)

So, back to the roller blind! Here it is, the only one of its kind, sad and naked, begging me to put some colour on it:

roller blind

And I said: "Ok, roller blind, here's what I have for you":

painting tools

"It's play time!"... So we got intimate.That's why I have photos only of the first base and the end, we didn't want to get distracted with cameras and stuff. Just us and love.

owl sketch

owl painting

And we made it perfect, don't you think? :)

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