Mar 28, 2015

My Neighbours are Killing Me!..

I'm starting to hate my neighbours from the apartment above mine. Really. The reason for this is their air-conditioner. I'm so mad I don't know where to begin from....
First of all, I think that it's my neighbours' right to have an air-conditioner. But why, for God sake, it has to be a machine created to heat a space with the size of a factory?!! C'mon!...Their apartment is smaller than mine!... The things are something like this:

I always say "our", but my boyfriend is not so bothered as I am, because usually he sleeps much deeper than me. So I feel like it's all my fight and I should say "my"... It's almost like a war between me and the neighbours. A silent war. A polite war. 

So as you see from my amateur drawing above, the situation is not good at all for me. The air-conditioner, which I call the Monster, is right above our heads. More acurately, above MY head, because I sleep on that side of the bed. The Monster is installed on the wall of the neighbours' balcony and that is exactly where our bedroom is designed to be. Apparently, they haven't thought in advance is this the proper place to install it. And why should they? - This is Bulgaria - nobody cares for no one but him/herself. (I'm going to right another post about this soon).

The noise that comes from the Monster is constant rumbling, that makes my ears and head hurt. I feel like I'm not at home, but in a factory indeed. The only place in the apartment that I could almost not hear the Monster is in the kitchen. I hear it in the living room, in the bathroom, in the corridor. But i can't really go and sleep in the kitchen, or on the balcony, because of other people's idiotism, can I?... One morning while I was preparing for work the noise became so loud and the vibrations so strong (I forgot to mention the vibrations...) that when I touch the door of my bedroom, it was vibrating. THE DOOR!!!... So imagine what is like to sleep in this room...It's more like TRYING to sleep. 
I couldn't take it anymore and went to talk with my neighbours, for the first time in last half an year or so. I was polite. I explained what is like to be in my bedroom, I even insisted someone to come and hear/feel what it's like. They refused but said they'll try to do something about it. 

It turned out that my neighbours not only didn't consider the arrangement of the apartments in the building, but also, decided to save some money or something on putting some stuff on the Monster to make it sound-proof.

A few days later apparently they fixed this, because the sound was lower.

I could hear it, but my door stopped vibrating. 

This "happiness" didn't last for long. I talked with my neighbours a couple of times more. I begged them to at least turn-off the Monster around midnight, so I could have some sleep.....
They did it. So far, so good. Till last night. 


The Monster was still happily rumbling around 11 o'clock in the evening. I went to bed and I was thinking: "Ok, it has to stop around 12, so everything's fine..."
Nah-ah! The Monster was happily rumbling ALL F*CKING NIGHT! 

I put my ear plugs, couple of times, because my ears were hurting me and I was turning over in my bed all night and I had some stupid dreams. Around 8 a.m. the rumbling stopped. Thank you,neighbours, for your concern!!! I didn't know I'm supposed to sleep in the weekend during THE DAY and be active during THE NIGHT.... Thank you for the enlightenment!...

So now I'm writing on my computer, still with a headache... And I'm not one of these people that usually suffer from headaches....
I'm complaining here on my blog, because there's no one (and nowhere) else I can complain to. The law can't help me, so I suppose I will die earlier than I was supposed to... Or I'll have to enjoy some stupid illness. 
Thanks again, neighbours, and GO TO HELL!

P.S: Any advice on the matter,guys?... :(

Mar 22, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

Well...hello there :) We were supposed to meet one week ago, but... sh*t happens :) So here's me again, bothering you with some stuff, whether you like it or not :D

There were strange winds around lately that brought some worries in my clear sky - work and study related issues, and health problems concerning my sweetheart. I'm so worried about him, that I don't even notice my frequent coughing for the last couple of days or so. :((

But I'm trying to stay positive and blow away the nasty clouds in my sky. So here's my Sunday dose of plus signs:

Vincent van Gogh quote

Kate MacDowell

Nicoletta Ceccoli

Have a lovely Sunday and may your new week be amazing! :)

Mar 8, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

We need things and thoughts to inspire us. That's what it means to be humans. Beauty and goodness make us peaceful and keep the monsters inside us locked. And we need inspiration. We need to be shaken up. Usually the best day for this is Sunday - the day when all humans feel in harmony, feel in home. Because every other day of the week is too busy, too chaotic and doesn't leave a place for the self to stop and look around, to look beyond itself.

Today is 8th of March, the International Women's Day.  I dedicate this Sunday Inspiration collection to all the beautiful women around the world (and that means all the women in the world!...) :)

Wood sculpture by Peter Demetz

"Slice of Life", Gediminas Pranckevicius

"Last Supper", Frida Kahlo
Photographer: Donte Tidwell

Happy Women's Day! ^_^

A Roller Blind Kind of Love

I love home decorating ideas and I had few during the last two years, but I haven't done much of them. Shame on me, I know...

My place has two small arched windows and I half-covered only one of them. On the upper part of it I put a flowered window film and the result was great. The other arched window, though, I left it the way it is....

I had an idea to decorate the wall around the mirror in the vestibule with toilet paper rolls. I made a fish and a see grass, and... I didn't finish it.

As a very stubborn person, I had another idea - to make a small painting on my roller blind (yes, there's only one blind in my place, and it's not a big one). Well, after two years I finally made it happen! The result had nothing to do with any of my initial plans - no flowers, no cacti, but I felt in love with it ^_^

I painted a little owl on a tree. I know - it's not a sphynx cat, but since I have a puzzle on my wall that represents a colourful painting of an owl and there's also a wooden owl figure in my kitchen, I decided that the room was too owlish to change the pattern. (I must admit that part of my decorating ideas was the owl puzzle on the kitchen wall...But the box with the puzzle for the bedroom is not even open!...)

So, back to the roller blind! Here it is, the only one of its kind, sad and naked, begging me to put some colour on it:

roller blind

And I said: "Ok, roller blind, here's what I have for you":

painting tools

"It's play time!"... So we got intimate.That's why I have photos only of the first base and the end, we didn't want to get distracted with cameras and stuff. Just us and love.

owl sketch

owl painting

And we made it perfect, don't you think? :)

Mar 7, 2015

Saeva Dupka Cave

Probably my first post should not be so…ordinary. But since it’s about time to make my first post and it’s going to be about an unordinary natural formation, then why not? :) I’ll be completely honest with you – I've never been into a cave. Never. You can laugh, go on :) Yesterday, though, I was in a magnificent cave - my first time was great :D Let me introduce you Saeva Dupka.

The Story Behind the Name

Two versions here:
#1 The land owner: His name was Sayo and the cave was on the territory of his land. Yup.
#2 The twins: They were two (Ah-ha!), Sayo and Seyo, and they were little shepherd boys. They were hiding in the cave from the bad guys in one of the darkest periods of Bulgarian history and so the cave was named after the boys.

But no matter the case is, you have to agree this is one hell of a name?! Even for Bulgarians…

The Cave

Saeva Dupka is considered to be 3 million years old but trust me, this cave is a fine wine ;) It’s at 500 m altitude and at its lowest point you have 30 m of solid rock above your head, which for some people might be not solid at all, considering the evident landslide in one of the chambers from an earthquake in 1893. The temperature in Saeva Dupka is 10-11°C  year-round and it's not a good idea to go for a walk in there in your shorts and sandals. Unless you're a polar bear. Or any other type of bear, looking for a Super King bed for the winter nap. Saeva Dupka is not one of the longest caves in the world, but it sure is spacious!

You can see a lot of colours in the cave, especially red and green, due to the specifics of the soil in the area and the lighted lamps during the visitor guides.

colourful cave
photo by Anton Lefterov

The cave has five chambers, all with interesting names: 

Kupena Saeva Dupka cave
photo by Anton Lefterov

#1 Kupena

This chamber is named after the 3.5 m high stalagmite that looks like a haystack. 

But it looks more like a scoop of ice cream to me....(You can tell I dream for the summer!...)

Srutishteto Saeva Dupka cave
photo by Anton Lefterov

#2 The Landslide 

Đ¢his chamber is actually formed by the earthquake in 1893. This here is a broken stalactite (or stalagmite - I can't tell by the look of it, and I didn't hear the tourist guide's explanations - I was too busy to wander around and gape at all the beauties the cave had to offer). As a matter of fact, the whole chamber looks like a big hole full of rocks.

#3 Harmana (The Threshing Floor)

A lot of concerts and weddings have taken place in here and, gosh, wouldn't you marry just for the sake of having a wedding in here?! I would!...

Harmana Saeva Dupka cave

Cosmos Saeva Dupka cave

#4 Cosmos

They say you can see a rocket flying off... I couldn't see it :( Do you?

#5 The White Castle 

Well, it sure looks like a sandcastle to me :)

White castle Saeva Dupka cave
photo by Anton Lefterov

The Bats

There're bats in the cave, which is quite normal, for a cave. These little guys with fluffy bellies were SO CUTE!! And I have never ever seen bats from that close in my life! There's one hotspot in the cave - on one of the stairs, where if you reach out your hand, you can touch the bats. And you can see them cuddling with each other, sleeping and softly breathing...Adorable! ^_^

bats in Saeva Dupka cave

But you can see these cuties only in winter. They spend the rest of year out of the cave, in the forest, where trees are their summer villas. 

What I sorry for is that I couldn't make photos of the cave :( It wasn't allowed to take photos, but there were some guys with really good cameras and they were quite positive this had nothing to do with them. But! My boyfriend managed to take few pretty decent photos with his phone, so you can feast your eyes: 

Harmana chamber

cave grass and moss

Saeva Dupka bats

If you want to visit this Bulgarian beauty (one of many!), you can find it riiight here:

Saeva Dupka Cave, Lovech district, Bulgaria

Thanks for reading,guys, hope you enjoyed it! And don't be shy to drop me a line in the comments below :)