Mar 8, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

We need things and thoughts to inspire us. That's what it means to be humans. Beauty and goodness make us peaceful and keep the monsters inside us locked. And we need inspiration. We need to be shaken up. Usually the best day for this is Sunday - the day when all humans feel in harmony, feel in home. Because every other day of the week is too busy, too chaotic and doesn't leave a place for the self to stop and look around, to look beyond itself.

Today is 8th of March, the International Women's Day.  I dedicate this Sunday Inspiration collection to all the beautiful women around the world (and that means all the women in the world!...) :)

Wood sculpture by Peter Demetz

"Slice of Life", Gediminas Pranckevicius

"Last Supper", Frida Kahlo
Photographer: Donte Tidwell

Happy Women's Day! ^_^

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